Updated January 1, 2005but don't expect major changes. After all history is history.

Keep scrolling down your screen to see more of the story 
and  Listen to some music 
as a soundtrack to your exploring
mp3 - seven minute montage

of the curious Otherworld music from
Melodic Energy Commission

A gateway into these electro-magnetic pages.
Enter fully, this flow of electrons 
If you have one of the vinyl or CD albums, put it on.
This web site was designed as a complement to them.
It contains all of the lyrics and liner notes that we
never printed and even some that we did print.
The Melodic Energy Commission is a `Royal Commission' established by the present Crown Princess of Sona, 
a relatively quiet planetary realm in their galaxy nearbye.
Scientific study of melodic energy is highly regarded.
Their greatest minds have given primed ears 
to their study of sound patterns, aural structures, 
melodic hypnosis and tonal massage techniques.
Sound obviously effects us 
and our headspace.
These musical sonic designers have an 
uncontrollable urge to electronicate uniquely and 
acoustically tweak the ambience of your listening room.
The Melodic Energy Commission 
is a band of sonic pirates.
Don't ask where they got their influences...
but here's  a few clues this leads to Part Two.

Commissioners photographed 1979 by G. Beatty somewhere in the Ultra-burbs.
MEC in the music room 1979
Are you getting the essence of
how this effects the music of earth?
Continued in 
Part Two

Migration of the Snails
Explore Migration Lore
A page of lyrics and story to supplement the Commission's music.
This is really the magi-notic liner notes missing from the original LP Migration of the Snails.

Stranger in Mystery
Stranger Lyrics and More
The never before published lyrics and lore from Stranger in Mystery

Time is a Slippery Concept
Time is a Slippery Concept
January 1st 2005 heralds their latest album of otherworld music.

 This wild tale that follows them around
was compiled by Xaliman
It is being updated occasionally