The Complete Lyrics and Lore
from the music of the first album by
Melodic Energy Commission
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Strange as it may seem, you have entered a

Mystery Zone

Welcome Intergalactic Travellers 

and also a warm welcome to Earth based sonic explorers


The past moves fast so look beyond the mask 

and deep into this astro-sonic stream.


Music composed by Del Dettmar & Xaliman
Vocal by Kathleen Yearwood
Synth by Dettmar & Xaliman
Piano by Xaliman
Double bass bowed by Ross White

The Silver Spider weaves its copper core elecro-web across the landscape. 
Carrying hydro-electric power from the moonlit flooded valley 
to the crowded cosmopolitan city of the many glowing human night beings. 
The spider path is as straight as the crow's, never touching the ground 
except with it's stilt like legs that stride up cliff sides 
and across rocky summits as easily as the wind. 



Lyrics and music by Xaliman
Vocal, guitars & organ by Xaliman,  Percussion by Paul Franklin

You're so scientific.  So close to logic.
If you only...
Placed strategic, technically perfect
If you only knew
the whereabouts of other realms.

The distant shouts of living wood.
They guide your doubts and separate
grain from shaft,
the rain from cloud,
leaves from trees
as the tide separated from the shoreline.

As I grazed upon the speech
the plain grey mist was circling, moving closer.
It draped the shape of phantoms
as they crossed the open fields 
of spacious conversation.

With transformed voice 
the sound of bird like talk
gave words to me.
"I hope you heed the sign.
There is no living form taller than trees."
Your ears are primed precise,
they're set by intonations.

Shall I continue....?


Lyrics by Xaliman
Music composed and performed by Xaliman, Paul Franklin, 
Mark Franklin & Randy Raine-Reusch

The village air is a whiff of serenity as infinity shores surround the island.
The evening hums with the old folk tales from many light years away.
These wordy scenes unfold as a long road, projected on plaster white walls 
in the midst of candlelight visions.

Illustration by Phil Ogison
Illustration by Phil Ogison.

There are many a traveller but he's like no other

Bothers don't trail him, troubles don't ride him
Adventure sits beside him
He's a Stranger in Mystery
Oh, a sailor of star ships
On the nebula coastline
Fills his hold with a cargo of moonbeams
On leave and beamed down for awhile
Oh a sailor of star ships
On a ship that's in port for awhile
Take your pick from the cargo of riches
Send some light to a place far away
A satisfied pupil of Rhenda
With books from a jewels' age too
Royally prized treasures of the galaxy
Earthen jars of starlight, so pure

It's just a fantasy.


Music composed by Xaliman & Randy Raine-Reusch
Stone percussion by Xaliman, Mark & Paul Franklin
Dulcimer by Randy Raine Reusch,  Acoustic guitar by Xaliman

Now this place sleeps, this Gate Street
The gate is closed for another day
The thousand stalls and merchants calls are gone
Darkness waits with life now simplified on Gate Street

illustration by Xaliman

Music composed by Xaliman
Acoustic guitar, cymbal & synth by Xaliman
Electric guitar by George McDonald
Gong and bowed / plucked dulcimer by Randy Raine-Reusch
Vibraphone by Paul Franklin


Music composed by Del  Dettmar and  Xaliman
Lyrics by Xaliman
Synth by Del Dettmar
Vocal, acoustic guitar, synth & shepherds pipe by Xaliman
Percussion by Paul Franklin & Randy Raine-Reusch
Power bass by Mark Franklin

In a decade of chaotic political instability there were two 
British storytellers by the name of 
Michael Butterworth and Mike Moorcock. 
They took it upon themselves to scribe a tale of 
sonic warfare and a power struggle between 
the corporate forces armed with radio stars 
carrying infectious pop melodies and the street level 
musical revolutionaries know as  HAWKWIND
For an adventure on the edge of time seek out 
the books titled 
`Time of the Hawklords' and `Queen of Delirium'.

In desperation, volume sent out a message to the crowd
Who were seeing to their old worlds' crumbling
And who's eyes soon turned the other way to view
Seeing an entrance into future's whimsical land
It was the song of the Delatron
Against the odds the magnificent past
Cast guide lines to our world
That's seen the rise and fall of countless empires
We sit by this candle, perceiving front and back
In the light that flickers is a world that reveals
We learn and we forget, always more than we know
The present is a simple thing
A candle cannot light the universe
Through sonics and the use of poetry 
a message reaches ears
This sound that travels everywhere 
and is heard by everything
Well it's sonic and it's Delatronic
It is sound, it's your sound, it's his sound


Lyrics and music by Xaliman
Vocals & acoustic guitar by Xaliman
Steam bass by Mark Franklin
Electric Guitar & theremin by George McDonald
Tabla by Paul Franklin
Congas by Chris Gretch
Backing vocals by Carrie & Cheylynne the reflector

Sometimes the world, you know,
Is not what it seems to show
We all know a dream or two
She walks with a step
In a direction that's best
Through the air I ask her to walk with me

Just by feeding a love
A breakfast of faith
It will glow with the first light of day

The moon moves the sea
The moon guides the tide
So cyclic and sincere
Some find shadows to hide
But the moon draws them near
The fall and the rise 
in the love tone of your sigh
Like a wave on a seashore keyboard
With an aquatic melody
The moon moves the sea


And if you see patterns of growth
Movement meant through paths of scope
Revise the scene, impart your resource 
Movement meant about the course

History and Commissioners

All lyrics composed and ©1979 by Don Xaliman. 
All compositions are registered with SOCAN
Reproduction is prohibited without consent.