A brief  history of  this Otherworld organization of musicians 
would explain how their newest CD
Time...is a slippery concept
by Melodic Energy Commission
is a sampling of years of sonic exploration, 
containing the influence of many planets 
and sympathetic dimensional beings.



Time Slips Away

W h a t  o t h e r s   h a v e  t o  s a y

Alienated in Vancouver

by Allen MacInnis 2008

With these guys, time is a slippery concept. In 1979, MEC sounded like 1971.
In 1980 they sounded like 1971. And 25 years later they sound like 1971!
When I say 1971, I don’t mean production styles and era instrumentation, but rather
a certain adventurous composition style, completely non-linear and skewed,
beyond the scope of rational imagination. Add to that about a baker’s dozen different instruments
and a distinctive psychedelic sound, and you have one of the great modern space rock albums.
Instant classic with plenty of room to grow from there. File Don Xaliman next to John L.
as true modern geniuses who will be discovered long after they’re gone.

reviewed by Outer Music Diary

It would be challenging to try and pigeon hole Melodic Energy Commission's music.
Think early 60's/vintage psychedelic meets Mojave 3 and Syd Barret age Pink Floyd,
and then toss in the cadence of Primus. The group states the album is best listened to in
its entirety, as "all songs are joined together with thematic instrumental interludes with
a common effect of taking one on a journey out of time". Perhaps their words describe it best.
"Beehive Jive" opens the album with ambient sounds, funky rhythms and playful vocals
followed by incremental chants. "Moon Surfing" sounds like a wild instrumental
plucked from Tom Waits Mule Variations. "Lifting Wave" is Stereolab on acid caught
in a Grateful Dead space set. "I Be" marries Aphex Twin-style panning effects with
hovering synths and tribal percussion. There is darkness to the music here, a haunted feeling.
"Figure It" waxes poetic on differing perceptions of time and concepts of awareness,
the seeming goal being the listener's detachment from their current state-of-mind.
"Crystal Cave" continues that haunting vibe with floating dark synths and reverbed flutes.
"Underground Summit" caps the album with more eeriness, sounding like
the close of a Michael Stearns album.

reviewed by
MM - EarBuzz 2009

One of THE most extraordinary albums I've had to review in years.
In many ways, its sound and structure is SO original and unique as
to be almost the equivalent of something from the far distant future 
that the likes of mere mortals such as I, can't even begin to understand.
The album continues to work its way into your consciousness
filling you with the joys of music from another time and space,
as the layers, textures, rhythms, melodies and ever changing
constructions, just exist, in glorious manner... 
Overall, it's amazing stuff, totally uncategorisable
and one of THE most unique yet palatable albums
you'll have heard in a long, long time

reviewed by ANDY GARIBALDI  Dead Earnest  -  Dundee, Scotland

your music really impressed me to the highest degree, there is 
something "organic" that I rarely find elsewhere, 
maybe from outer space it is more common !
Very few music have the ability to really connect me
(maybe more precisely : to stabilize the already existing connection) 
with something deeper than the 'social human being', 
most of the electronic/space or new age music that have 
this purpose merely stays on the surface and so many times the 
sterility of the sounds they use ruins the whole effect.
Please do not stop your experimentations on us human beings, 
you are on the right track to open some more doors for us, 
I wish that we will not need to wait another 25 years to have
your next medicine released!

Best Waves, Claude from Oka Quebec

The disc containing the new sonic vibrations was successfully transported, 
and our kind have already begun to realize it's positive benefits.
The tones are truly wondrous, and you have chosen a most able crew of 
collaborators. We detect similarities to the spirit of previous emanations 
from your world, but we also notice significant evolution has occurred. 
We give you our sincere thanks for another truly unique... cosmic event.

Raoul Pey - Auckland, Kolifournia